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We are grateful for your continued support of St. Peter the Apostle School. Your gifts contribute to future generations of bright students who are and will be St. Peter’s students. The reward is watching these thoughtful children mature into exceptional and brilliant St. Peter the Apostle Alumni.

There are many ways to support St. Peter’s:

Volunteerism: We are always looking for volunteers to assist with various projects around school.  Please note: All school volunteers MUST be Virtus trained and receive certification from the Diocese before they can come in to volunteer.  For more information on this training, please visit or

The Suzanne Fogarty Education Award: Inspired by Suzanne’s love of teaching and service, her family asks that her amazing spirit live on with the Suzanne Fogarty Education Award. The Award was created for deserving students at Saint Peter’s and B.S.S. Donations may be made to: The S.F.E.A., P.O. Box 14560, Savannah, GA 31416.

The Sr. M. Susan Harms, RSM First Grade Scholarship: This is awarded to a deserving rising first grader at St. Peter the Apostle School.

SPA Tuition Assistance Fund:  Your tax-deductible contribution will be designated for tuition assistance, and will not be used for any other purpose. Any contribution, regardless of the amount, will be greatly appreciated. Please note: this tuition assistance fund is separate from funds generated through GRACE Scholars State Income Tax Credit Fund, which can only be used for new students entering the school.

GRACE Scholars: Georgia Residents Assisting Children’s Education (G.R.A.C.E.) Scholars Inc.

ST. PETER THE APOSTLE ENDOWMENT FUND: St. Peter the Apostle Church and School both have established an Endowment Fund. An Endowment Fund looks to the future and is a permanent investment fund from which interest and dividends are paid annually to support the life and programs of the parish and school. Many prospective donors embrace endowment funds because their life time gifts and/or bequests will benefit the church long after they are gone. Endowment gifts are theological statements which demonstrate one’s belief that we are never ultimately proprietors, owners, but only stewards, lifetime guardians entrusted by God to use wisely what God has placed in our hands. When an individual creates an endowment gift for the church during or beyond their lifetime, it declares to the present and future generations the importance of our faith and trust in God. Donors may determine how their gifts are distributed by indicating what area they wish to support. Gifts of cash, life insurance, annuities, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and real estate are all tax deductible. Donors are encouraged to consult their attorney when preparing or amending their Wills or Estate Plans. We have each drawn water from the wells we have not dug; we have sat under shade trees we did not plant and we each have a wonderful opportunity to provide the means for the church to have a strong and empowering ministry for generations to come.

Memorial Gifts: St. Peter’s receives many gifts in memory or honor of classmates, parents, alumni and friends.

Bequests: One of the easiest ways to leave a substantial gift is by designating St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School as a beneficiary in your will.

For more information on supporting our school, please contact:

St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School
7020 Concord Rd.
Savannah, GA 31410

Please consult your CPA or Tax advisor for the deductibility of your gift.