Standardized Testing

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The Terra Nova Assessment is a nationally recognized test used by both public and parochial schools. The main purpose of using a standardized testing program is to provide our school with information which will strengthen programs to help our students learn. The Terra Nova results indication student performance and mastery of specific content objectives as compared to students of their own age and grade level across the nation. Although a standardized test is generally a good indicator of how each student performs, it is not the only means used to assess performance. Each child must be viewed as a total student within any learning situation. To protect confidentiality, parents are mailed a copy of their child’s test scores along with an interpretation of the results. The Terra Nova Test allows you to compare how your child is performing within the school and against the national average.

The Terra Nova test is a norm referenced test, published and standardized by CTB McGraw Hill publishers, based on specific criteria/objectives to be mastered by students at particular grade levels. Our scores overwhelmingly indicate mastery of the grade level objectives (mastery level is set 75 and above).

At the same time that the Terra Nova test is administered, some students also take the InView test, a cognitive abilities test that assesses areas such as logical thinking ability, abstract thinking skills, and verbal and quantitative reasoning. This test, when used with the Terra Nova, is a good indicator of academic achievement. Based on the results of the InView test, coupled with a student’s age and grade level, we are given anticipated scores that a student should be expected to achieve on the Terra Nova.

Terra Nova: Parents are urged to consult the school calendar in scheduling vacations and time out of school in order to avoid any absences during this important activity.

Tips for Terra Nova Week:

  • Make sure your child gets a full night of sleep each night.
  • Make sure your child gets a good, nutritious breakfast each morning.
  • Be early for school so your child does not start the morning off feeling rushed.
  • Only allow your child to be absent if absolutely necessary.