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Our Mission

St. Peter the Apostle School provides a quality Catholic education based on Gospel values and the teachings of the Catholic Church. Following the traditions of the Sisters of Mercy, the school educates through a strong academic program and instills in its students a spirit of mercy, justice, and loving concern.

Our Philosophy

St. Peter the Apostle School is committed to a strong Gospel-based curriculum that helps to establish in each student a sense of community, a respect for learning as a life-long process, and opportunity for personal growth, and an awareness of social issues. It provides a quality academic education that is an on-going development process, which involves parents, parish, faculty, and staff.

Our Beliefs

  1. An environment of prayer, liturgical services, preparation for the Sacraments, and daily religion classes strengthen the faith community within the school.
  2. Each student has an opportunity to experience his/her value through the creation of a warm and loving atmosphere within the school.
  3. Encouraging active cooperation of parents as partners in the educational process and promoting mutual communication foster an on-going support system between school and parents.
  4. Identification and development of individual student’s needs and aptitudes depend upon their learning style as well as their cultural and socio-economic background.
  5. By providing sequential developmental opportunities that are challenging, students develop verbal, mathematical, creative, physical, and critical thinking skills, as well as skills in technology.
  6. Knowledge of the past, learning about present issues, involvement in church and government, and service projects heighten the students’ awareness of their responsibility to be Catholic witnesses as well as leaders in today’s world and the 21st century.
  7. Instilling a sense of peace and justice in the student influences his/her attitude for peacemaking, fairness, honesty, and a strong moral work ethic.
  8. Teachers become more proficient in their teaching areas by continuing professional education.