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Founded in 1951,  Saint Peter the Apostle School, originally named Nativity of Our Lord School, has provided students with a quality, Catholic education. The school is located on Wilmington Island in east Savannah.

The school serves the needs of students in grades Pre-K3 through 8th. The school welcomes students of all faiths who accept the mission statement and beliefs of the school.

The tradition of providing quality Catholic education for students in the Thunderbolt/Wilmington Island area began in 1951 with the opening of Nativity School at Nativity Church, Thunderbolt.  Two Sisters of Mercy, Sister Kiernan Davis and Sister Finbarr Kane, began teaching forty-two students in grades one through four.  With the cooperation of Father John A. Morris, the pastor, folding walls were installed in the Parish Hall, and the combined third and fourth grades were taught there.  The combined first and second grades were taught in a classroom at St. Mary’s Home, less than one mile away.

It became apparent during the 1970’s that the St. Mary’s locale of the school was not suitable for the future growth of the parish.  The pastor, Father Patrick O’Brien, realizing the limitations of that location, began to work with members of the parish and the Diocese of Savannah to secure money and permission to build a larger school on a spacious piece of property located on Wilmington Island.

This dream became a reality when, in 1980, the school moved to Wilmington Island.  The new school building had ten large classrooms, a faculty lounge, office space, a gym, and a very large outdoor area for physical education and play.  Three years later, in 1983, a multipurpose room was built and soon was used for school masses, a lunchroom for students, and a parish/school meeting place.  By this time, the Nativity Church building was unable to accommodate its increased number of parishioners, so additional Sunday masses were offered in the multipurpose room.  In 1985, there was another physical addition.  Bishop Raymond Lessard, Bishop of the Diocese of Savannah, dedicated the new O’Brien Football Field.

It was apparent that the Nativity church building was no longer adequate.  Therefore, Bishop Raymond Lessard, Bishop of Savannah, granted permission in 1989 for the building of St. Peter the Apostle Church on the grounds where Nativity School was located.  The church building was completed in 1990.  In August 1993, Bishop Lessard designated St. Peter the Apostle as a canonical parish and appointed Father Patrick O’Brien as its first pastor.

The newly formed parish assumed responsibility for the school, and on August 24, 1993 the name of the school was changed from Nativity School to St. Peter the Apostle School.  All these physical additions were overseen by the pastor, Father O’Brien, and generously supported by the Diocese and the St. Peter the Apostle parishioners.

Looking to the future, our efforts will focus on continuing to provide a quality Catholic and academic education.