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Progress in Mathematics
First Grade Mathematics Online Concepts. This correlates with our workbook.
Early Math
Mathematics games appropriate for grade 1.
Math related games
More fun math-related games featuring their favorite PBS KIDS characters.
– 1st Grade
Practice makes perfect, and IXL makes math practice fun! IXL will track your score, and the questions will even increase in difficulty as you improve! IXL allows teachers and parents to monitor the progress of their students and motivate them through interactive games and practice questions.
Math Is Fun


Interactive Phonics and Word Study Center
Interactive Storybooks
Phonics for Early Readers


Live Oak Public Libraries
St. Peter’s Summer Reading Lists
Book Adventure!
Read a Book, Take a Quiz, Earn a prize!
Reading and Language
Learn about the alphabet and printed words with the PBS Kids TV characters
Where children have learning to read!

Social Studies:

People and Places
Online lesson summary, reviews, and games
The First Thanksgiving
Find out how the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Native Americans celebrated the first Thanksgiving together at Plymouth Plantation.


MacGraw-Hill Science
Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science animated summary, vocabulary games and quiz. First Grade Level
The Magic Schoolbus
Take a Tour with Friz, Explore on your own!
National Geographics for KIDS
Learn about animals and their habitats!


We Believe by Sadlier
First Grade textbook activities ( interactive online games, chapter videos are an exciting way to review chapters), The Lives of the Saints, articles and other resources.
Holy Spirit Interactive
Bible Stories, Lighthouse, Storybook, Aesop’s Fables, Questions Kids Ask,Pets 4 Us, The Game Room, Arts ‘n’ Crafts, Things2Make,Saint of the Day , Crosswords, Jigsaws, Word Finder, Coloring Pages , The Funny Bone

Worthwhile surfing:

Scholastic Online Activities
Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math and Other Subjects!
Music for Kids!
Songs for Teaching, Campfire sing-a-longs, etc.!
Learn chess at ChessKIDS academy
Every Kids Games Rules!
One-stop search for any Kids Games Rules you need!
Inside and Outside Games!

Sharing Literature with the Family:

About My First Grader
Literacy Tips for parents