Lower School Faculty and Staff


Teacher: Mrs. Anne Marie Whiddon
Class size: 16
Mrs. Anne Marie Whiddon earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education at the University of Georgia.  She has been teaching at SPA for 20 years and has taught for 30 years.  Mrs. Whiddon is certified in the Orton Gillingham method of reading instruction and uses that method to teach phonics and sight words.  She is married to Breck Whiddon and has three sons, two in high school and one in college.  She enjoys reading, shopping and having fun with the kids

Anne Marie 560Anne Marie Whiddon said, “I have taught Kindergarten a total of 14 years during my career and I love it! These kids show excitement for learning new things and they like to have fun while learning. I get to have fun every day showing them all that God has given them and loving them for who they are.”

Teacher: Mrs. Suzie Douglas
Suzie Douglas has an Associates Degree.  She began her career at Wilmington Island Presbyterian Preschool where she taught for five years and she has been at SPA for 21 years. Mrs. Douglas is a SPA alumnus, graduating from the Nativity School before it became Saint Peter the Apostle Catholic School.  She is married to Joe Douglas and has a daughter Maggie, who currently teaches Special Ed and a son Matt, a graduate of Georgia Southern University.  Suzie enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Suzie 560Suzie Douglas said, “I love this school and this church. I was baptized, confirmed, and married from St. Peter the Apostle Church. This is truly a special place to be. I thank God every day for giving me the opportunity to work at this school with a fantastic staff, the children and their parents!  I love teaching because little children are so full of imagination and wonder. They are so fun to teach because they are so very eager to learn. They make me laugh and amaze me every single day which is the main reason I LOVE THIS JOB!”

Teacher: Mrs. Lise Turgeon
Class Size: 16
Mrs. Lise Turgeon has been working at St. Peter the Apostle School for the past six years. She started as a parent volunteer on the marketing committee, then taught Pre-K 4 for two years and was the Enrollment Coordinator.  Mrs. Turgeon has a Associated Degree from the University of Southern Maine and a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Coastal Carolina University. When Mrs. Turgeon is not teaching Kindergarten, you can find her cooking in her kitchen or exploring nature with her family.  She is married to Doug and has two children, one who is a recent graduate of St. Peter the School and one in the 5th grade.

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. Krista Bell



First Grade

Teacher:  Sister Susan Harms, RSM
Class size: 21
Sister Susan Harms earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education with a minor in Moral and Dogmatic Theology from Mount St. Agnes College in Baltimore. She received her Masters in Education (Reading Specialist) from Georgia State University in Atlanta and is certified in the Orton Gillingham method of reading instruction. Sr. Susan earned a Post Graduate in Administration and Supervision Studies at Georgia Southern University.
She is a Sister of Mercy, growing up as an only child who was blessed with two wonderful loving parents and a very large extended family of aunts, uncles, and cousins who were and is a big part of her life.
She teaches the following subjects: Reading, Phonics, English, Spelling, Math Science, Social Studies and Religion.

Sister Susan 560Sister Susan Harms said, “I love working with younger children, they are truly like sponges and absorb information rapidly. When teaching First Grade you have the opportunity to see HUGE growth in the student as their reading & computation Skills strengthen. There is something magical about the transformation that happens for the first-grade readers throughout the school year. First graders are eager to learn and delightful to teach!”

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. Stephanie Schnabel
Stephanie Schnabel is happy to be at St. Peter’s because she is a 1993 graduate of St. Peter the Apostle School.  From there she attended St. Vincent’s Academy and then graduated from Armstrong Atlantic State University in 2003 with a bachelors degree in General Studies with a minor in Sociology.  She started working at St. Peter’s in 2018 and has two children who attend the school.

Second Grade
Teacher: Mrs. Stephanie Ducey
Class size: 24
Mrs. Ducey has been involved in youth ministries throughout her life. The desire to work with and teach young people in the ways of faith comes from her own faith-forming childhood experiences. Mrs. Ducey views the opportunity to teach at Saint Peter the Apostle School as a wonderful way to show students how to merge their academic endeavors with their faith formation. Mrs. Ducey has a BBA in Marketing from Georgia Southern and a Masters in Early childhood Education, with middle school certification, from the University of Phoenix.

Ducey 560Stephanie Ducey said, “My professional goal is to grow my students spiritually and academically. I strive to do this by providing authentic academic learning experiences that require spiritual awareness and holy actions.”

Third Grade
Teacher: Mrs. Lisa Daniel
Class size: 25
Lisa Daniel has a Bachelors of Science in Education from Georgia Southern University. Mrs. Daniel is certified in the Orton Gillingham method of reading instruction. She has 24 years of teaching experience at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School. Mrs. Daniel is married to Mr. Ross Daniel and they are the proud parents of twins, Sid and Liz, both graduates of St. Peter the Apostle School.  Mrs. Daniel enjoys reading, music, and outdoor activities.

Lisa Daniel said, “I love teaching third graders because they are becoming independent learners and they still love school!”

4th Grade
Teacher: Mrs. Kerry Tvrdy
Class size: 25
Kerry Tvrdy has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education from Belmont Abbey College and a Master of Arts in Teaching in Early Childhood Education from Armstrong Atlantic State University. Mrs. Tvrdy is certified in the Orton Gillingham method of reading instruction. She has been teaching at SPA for 16 years. Her husband Sam is a firefighter for the Savannah Fire Department and has three children; Gabe is in high school and Abby and Claire are students at SPA.  Mrs. Tvrdy enjoys music, soccer, and camping.

Math Curriculum: Learn and apply concepts involving 4 operations of mathematics.
Language Arts Curriculum: Focus on applying the rules of grammar in writing, demonstrating an understanding of the writing process, and using a variety of reading strategies in order to support comprehension skills.
Science Curriculum: Introduction and development in understanding concepts of Earth, Life, and Physical Science.  The constant use and development of inquiry skills in order to gain a better understanding of the Scientific Method.
Religion Curriculum: To help students live more fully their Christian faith through participation in the life of the church and the understanding of sacred scripture.

Kerry Tvrdy said, “I have taught kindergarten and middle school as well as 4th grade, and although I have enjoyed them all, I do truly love 4th graders!  They are still excited about school and new activities, and they are at the age where they are forming their own ideas and opinions about things so it is fun and interesting to see their reactions to new information… And, they are still sweet, little children.”

5th Grade
Teacher: Mrs. Ashley Morris
Class size: 23
Ashley Morris has a Bachelors in Early Childhood Education and is certified in the Orton Gillingham method of reading instruction. Mrs. Morris has been teaching at SPA for 15 years. Mrs. Morris is married with four children, one in high school and three here at SPA.

In fifth grade, students are working on becoming independent, critical thinkers, which extends into all subject areas.  In Math we spend a lot of time on 3 digit multiplication, long division, fractions, decimals, and 3-step word problems. In Social Studies the focus is on American History. In English, we spend a lot of time on creative writing, parts of speech, and grammar maintenance. We continue to work on key Reading skills such as; cause and effect relationships, making predictions, drawing conclusions, the main idea and supporting details, and character and setting. In Science, we focus on applying different inquiry skills in all areas of Science, and in Religion, we focus on the Rosary, the Sacraments, and ways in which to live out the Gospel in our daily lives.

Morris 560Ashley Morris said, “I enjoy teaching 5th grade because the students are more independent. This allows them to take things to the next level and do higher level activities.”