Lunch Menu

Schoolhouse fare JPEGOur new Schoolhouse Fare lunch program starts Monday, August 22nd.  You can start ordering TODAY!

To order lunch visit  When you register for the first time -use the password SPA

  • All lunches MUST be ordered online.
  • The ORDER DEADLINE for the full lunch menu is 5 days before the lunch delivery date.
  • There is a LATE ORDER menu is open until noon the day before the lunch delivery date.
  • You must pay for the lunches online – the program accepts Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and/or personal check.
  • For questions, missed/late orders, credits, changes/cancellations, please e-mail or call (843) 297-8030
  • Click Schoolhouse Fare Registriaton Info 2016-17 for more details about the program
Lunch Providers Price and Menu Options


Menu prices range from $2.75-$7.95
Pizza, sandwiches, wraps, pasta and more!



Menu prices range from $3.30-$10.40
Chicken tenders, salads, sandwiches and wings!




Menu prices range from $5.85-$7.90
Club, ham, turkey and veggie subs!



Chef Wan


Menu prices range from $5.45-$6.55
Beef, Chicken, Pork, Lo Mein, Shrimp and much more!


little italy

Menu prices range from $3.45-$7.60
Pasta, Gluten free pasta, pizza and more!