Mrs. Kerry Tvrdy 4th Grade

Kerry TyvrdyMrs. Kerry Tvrdy
Fourth Grade

Kerry Tvrdy has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education from Belmont Abbey College and a Master of Arts in Teaching in Early Childhood Education from Armstrong Atlantic State University. Mrs. Tvrdy is certified in the Orton Gillingham method of reading instruction. She has been teaching at SPA for 14 years. Her husband Sam is a firefighter for the Savannah Fire Department and has three children; Gabe, is a Freshman at BC and Abby and Claire are students at SPA.  Mrs. Tvrdy enjoys music, soccer, and camping.

Math Curriculum: Learn and apply concepts involving 4 operations of mathematics

Language Arts Curriculum: Focus on applying the rules of grammar in writing, demonstrating an understanding of the writing process, and using a variety of reading strategies in order to support  comprehension skills

Science Curriculum: Introduction and development in understanding concepts of Earth, Life, and Physical Science.  The constant use and development of inquiry skills in order to gain a better understanding of the Scientific Method

Religion Curriculum: To help students live more fully their Christian faith through participation in the life of the church and the understanding of sacred scripture.

Kerry Tvrdy said, “I have taught kindergarten and middle school as well as 4th grade, and although I have enjoyed them all, I do truly love 4th graders!  They are still excited about school and new activities, and they are at the age where they are forming their own ideas and opinions about things so it is fun and interesting to see their reactions to new information… And, they are still sweet, little children.”